Day 278:

I tried looking up the definition of cique, but couldn’t find one so I guess I’ll try to come up with one on my own. For the longest time, Ramen Cique was one of those shops that refused media coverage. Then one day, bam!, it pulled a cique-move and became one of the highest ranked ramen shops in Tokyo (highest in Suginami-ku).

With only 6 counter seats in a relatively open room, it’s definitely a cique-operation. Make sure you pay attention to the diagrams on how you are supposed to line up.

After I bought my ticket for a bowl of shoyu ramen, I was told that I can add a free topping today and was given a card for two free toppings on my next visit. All because my ticket had ended in 777. Now that’s some cique-luck if you ask me! How about this? The next person to come into Bassanova and mention this cique-post can have the card. It’s just my way of passing on the cique-love.

I’ve heard that the shio ramen is more popular, but I’ll give that one a try on my next visit. I was in the mood for shoyu topped with extra chashu, menma, and a 黒味玉.

One word…cique-ness. Ramen Cique has definitely lived up to my expectations. The slightly kotteri shoyu is smooth and full of flavors that boggle the mind…in a good way. I’m trying to think of words to describe it, but my mind is drawing a blank. Free topping ticket or not, I’ll definitely be heading back in the near future.

&*%$ Let me interrupt this cique-phoria you are experiencing to bring you the newest KitKat flavors. Cola and Lemon Squash. In my opinion, Lemon Squash tastes cique-ier. &*%$

Jimmy? Is that you?

Hope you have a cique-day!…

4 Replies to “Cique-ness…”

  1. @KFP: it tastes like cola in chocolate.

    @EK: your radar needs to get its ass to japan!

    @nelehelen: wait, only 2 locations?! thanks for making basa one of them. where will u be staying. email or hit me up on twitter and i'll help u with the 2nd spot.

  2. Keizo, I still have not decided on a second location for ramen (the other being Bassa of course! ^^) during my trip in October. Do you think Ramen Cique should take that spot?!?! I can't decide…

    And I LOOOOVE kitkats, I'll be sure to stock up all the flavors! Danny, I'll be sure to bring you some! lol

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