Day 279:

I have to admit, the future of Bassanova may be a bit foggy. Not only is it hard to work with someone whose heart is elsewhere, but it’s hard to just sit back and watch their carelessness jeopardize our favorite ramen shop. I think it’s time I speak my mind…

A nice couple from Italy came into Bassanova today and as they entered they said “ciao Keizo! Love the blog!” Wait a minute. A couple came all the way from Italy to eat at Bassanova after reading my blog? Really?? Wow, now that’s cool. Also, mad props go out to Greyson from Seattle for coming in today. I really appreciate the visits.


5 Replies to “Ciao…”

  1. Now that someone has “let go” of the steering wheel, this is a perfect opportunity to steer it, as necessary, to benefit Bassanova.

    Conflicts like this tend to sort themselves out…It's my guess that the lack of motivation of the offending colleague will see them depart sooner rather than later.

    Good luck!


  2. Sorry to hear that someone is being a nuisance. My advice to you in this would be to talk to this person face to face in a constructive way. That would at least give you an indication if the person is willing to listen or not.

    If that doesn't work then I see no alternative but to recommend that you discuss the issue with the boss. What you definitely should avoid is trying to carry this person's weight. It will definitely make things worse.

    That said, stay motivated and don't let this spoil your dream. Don't give up on Bassanova. It looks great. I would travel all the way from Malta (which is close to Italy) to try it out too (if I had the extra money LOL)

  3. Not only is it jeopardizing Bassanova, but it is jeopardizing your dream.

    -wall st. pundit

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