Lost time…

Day 280:

I woke up this morning hoping to get a lot accomplished on my day off. It started off well, but I don’t quite remember how it ended. haha. After a nice workout at the gym, I headed back to Hototgisu to try their shio ramen since Shuga is always telling me the shio is better than the shoyu.

And as always, he was right. The shio is better. But the distinct flavor of clams still catches me off guard. I guess I’m just not used to it.

In any case, Hototogisu is legit. I still need to go back and try their niboshi ramen that is only served on Thursdays though. Can’t wait to try that.

After picking up my nieces from school, I gotta call from Darin saying that he was craving Bassanova. So we decided to go hang out there and have a few beers.

But while Darin ate at basa, I decided to go scope out the competition across the street. Mentsuu (麺通) is probably the second best ramen shop on this stretch of Kannana. I’ve heard good things about it, but I had to see for myself.

Okay, I actually liked it, but my opinion could have been skewed from the few beers I already had. This is definitely a good ‘after drinking’ ramen. It’s a kotteri shoyu that has a lot of garlic.

It sort of reminded me of a lightweight version of Jiro.

Then it was off to go meet up with friends of friends of friends for karaoke. And this is where my time was lost. If you ever get taken to a part of Tokyo that if you look around and it doesn’t look or feel like Japan, run…and run fast!

Get me outta here!

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