Surrounded by beauty…

Day 281:

Ramen Manrai (らあめん 満来) is another old school ramen shop that’s been around since 1961. They used to be located in Higashi-Koenji, but now they reside in Shinjuku just a few steps from Horiuchi. Speaking of Horiuchi, Manrai’s ramen is curiously similar. One might wonder why they made the move in the first place.

I wasn’t in the mood for pieces of chashu bigger than my fist so I just stuck with the regular ramen. Beautiful.

There’s nothing more arousing than a beautiful bowl of shoyu ramen.

Okay, forget what I said above. haha.

Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Misa Kuroki (黒木美早), one of our best ‘beyond regular’ customers. Unfortunately, she will be moving and may not have much time to come visit anymore so we had to stop shop to take pictures. 美早さんありがとう!グリーンカレーは何時でも待ってるよ!これからも頑張ってね。Wait, there’s something not quite right about this picture.

Okay, now that’s better. lol (sorry Shuga!)

And now…allow me to introduce you to the newest member of Bassanova, Chee-chan.

Calm down…

4 Replies to “Surrounded by beauty…”

  1. @MRatito: is that a bad thing?

    @misohio: is that a bad thing?

    haha. women in this country love ramen and ramen loves them back.

  2. Your Blog is in danger of becomeing as famous for its pictures of cute girls as it is for its pictures of Ramen!

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