Smiles all around…

Day 282:

I woke up with a mad craving for Taishoken. So as I headed out to fulfill it at the Daitabashi Taishoken, I remembered that the Obon holiday was upon us. Sure enough they were closed. So then I headed to Kyushu Ichiban near basa, but they were closed too. My last option was Yoshidaya located just across the street from basa. As I entered, I was greeted with four happy smiles. “Han-chahan set please!” What an interesting bowl…

Happiness was in the air. Even the wadashi-soup managed to smile for me. 😀

Later, Shuga made some of his signature chinjaorosu and I decided to top it on my ramen. Oh man, that definitely put a smile on my face.

This needs to go on the menu! Cuz everyone needs a good smile now and then…

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