Freaky Friday…

Day 283:

With the Obon holiday upon us, the city is starting feel like a ghost town. And with today being Friday the 13th, I wasn’t sure what freakiness would be lurking. The day started off normal. After the gym, I rode my bike back to Ichifuku to try the limited Sesame Tsukemen. Limited is right cuz I just happened to get the last one for the day. Lucky me.

Without a doubt, this special tsukemen did not disappoint. There is a reason Ichifuku gets high praise from the old ramen gods and this is one of them. It’s a tan-tan style with a refreshing twist.

After finishing all my noodles, I was instructed to dump rice into my leftover soup. Hey look, edamame! And then something surprising happened. The owner started to spark up a conversation with me and I ended up telling her why I was in Japan. She was shocked and called me crazy, but was excited and praised me for chasing my dreams. But I still couldn’t get her to tell me what those crunchy things are. haha.

For dinner, it was off to my bro’s house to chillax. Moca was back from a business trip so I invited her over, along with my friends Darin and Reina. My brother had bought some ‘mystery meat’ for his bbq tomorrow and one of the meats was crocodile. “How do you prepare crocodile?”, he asked.

I don’t know…gyoza?

Thanks for dinner sis! Now let’s go party!

With the city engulfed in darkness, it was time to celebrate this freaky friday.

Moca returned to her rockstar self.

And the rest of the party….well….just got freaky-er.

Don’t ask….haha.

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