Playing with fire…

Day 285:

I tried to go see gramps today, but he was closed. So instead, I walked across the street to the chain ramen shop Kagetsu. I was craving the shoyu ramen, but after walking in and seeing this Setagaya collabo, I reluctantly changed my mind.

I got suckered. I’m not a huge fan of Setagaya so I don’t even know why I ordered this.

Perhaps it’s because I have the utmost respect for mister ramen (前島 司). It wasn’t bad. It just went against my mood.

Time to hit the meat shop!

I always thought Shuga was a good cook, but holy cow can this boy cook! We had some left over meat that we needed to use up since we’ll be closed for two days (8/17 & 8/18), so Shuga used his skills to cook up some Buta-Kimchi.

Are you kidding me?!

We need to start putting this stuff on the menu!

Shuga, I love you man!! haha.

5 Replies to “Playing with fire…”

  1. I had never seen meat this big in Tokyo before!!! That is, until I moved right next door to a niku no hanamasa. HUGE hunks of meat! I always wonder if everyone there is buying for a restaurant…

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