Day 287:

Where would I be if I was never given the chance to chase my dream? As grateful as I am for the chances that I’ve been given so far, I feel that the most important part was being able to setup those chances with pure dedication and desire. After all, you can’t win the lotto without buying a ticket. Anyhow, about a week ago I received an email from someone living in Japan, who is a fan of my blog, asking for the chance to work with me at Bassanova. Although I don’t hold the final decision to grant him this chance, I admired his desire and honored his request to meet up for ramen. We met up in Shimo-Kitazawa at a ramen shop I’ve been wanting to try called Bokusei (麺や ぼくせい).

I’m sure you know by now that shoyu ramen is my jam and Bokusei actually rocked a decent bowl.

The broth was a bit on the sweeter side, but I guess that’s why this sandy miso-like dirt ball was resting atop the cabbage.

The noodles were good. Wouldn’t you say so Tok? As much as I think you could fit the position, hopefully the others will think the same. I look forward to meeting you again and even if this doesn’t work out, I’ll help you chase that dream fo sho!

After stopping by basa to make sure everything was okay, I stopped by my bro’s house to steal some of these fine chocolates.

The green tea ones weren’t bad, but the coffee ones were amazing.

As much as I tried to suppress my hunger for a late night bowl, I couldn’t resist.

Without work, ramen midnight snacks are dangerous!

2 Replies to “Chances…”

  1. Just in case you're curious: the words “Brugse Klinkers” on the box of chocolates translates as “Brugge flagstones” ie “pavement stones from (the city of) Brugge”. It's belgian/Dutch.

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