Day 291:

“nakanobu station on the asakusa subway line at 2pm.” That’s the exact text message I got from Nate last night. I didn’t reply to ask why and I didn’t need to. I just knew I had to be there. For this is Nate’s last week in Japan and quite possibly the last time (for a long time) that Nate, Brian, and I get to grab a bowl together. Unfortunately, we arrived at Infinitus0 (インフィニ) just after they closed for their afternoon break. 残念。So with time running out, our only option was to head back towards Shibuya.

The last slurp. The final ramenzvous. Call it what you want, but this is a sad, sad day. Not having Nate around will be like losing our ramen dictionary and never knowing what anything means.

In any case, we decided on eating abura soba at Tokyo Aburagumi-Souhonten (東京油組総本店).


Like most abura soba’s, you add vinegar and chili oil then mix well.

Not bad.

Nate, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and grabbing a few bowls here and there. I’m honestly sad that you’ll be leaving. Our trio will never be the same without the meticulous research you do.

Good luck with the new career and make sure you try to visit as often as you can. Take care bro!

2 Replies to “Ramenation…”

  1. Ha, ramenzvous – nice!

    It's too bad y'all missed Infini – I used to live about 15 minutes by foot from there. The guys who run it are super nice, and the ramen is good – both the abura-soba and their other (beef broth I think?).

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