Lost dreams…

Day 292:

I often get lost in a bowl of ramen. Instead of trying to meticulously analyze the ingredients of what I am slurping, I often just let my mind loose as it begins to dream about anything and everything. Within that ten minutes it takes to finish a bowl, I enter a relaxed state that puts any worries to rest. Perhaps that’s why I can eat it everyday without getting sick of it. Ramen is my drug…

Anyway, I was back at Ryo Tan Tei once again getting lost in their wonton men. It makes me miss Wonton Forest.

At work, I feasted upon this Tora Shokudo Nama Ramen that Komuro-san brought back with her after visiting her hometown.

Tora Shokudo is probably the most famous of ramen shops in Shirakawa. I can’t wait to go to the actual shop someday. Until then, this nama ramen will have to do.

The soup is a solid shoyu that makes me want to try the real thing even more. And the noodles, even in instant form, scream Shirakawa. Thanks コムタン!

Do you ever get lost in food?

3 Replies to “Lost dreams…”

  1. @wonton forest: indeed it does.

    @matthew: it's an instant “nama” (raw) ramen. the noodles are raw so they taste better. search my instant ramen tag to see more like it. and yes, you should be able to find nama ramen in your local japanese market fridge section. they won't be of famous shops but there are some good ones. just make sure you boil the noodles separately from the soup.

  2. could you please tell us more about the box? is that like an instant ramen, but super high-end? how does it work? as in, instant noodles, or dry noodles that need longer cooking, or wet packaged noodles. what of the other ingredients does it include? i assume not the eggs? photos inside the box!!! please (yeah, I know you ate this one, but maybe another?) & final question, can anything even remotely as good (assuming it is good & worth it) be found usa? (i'm san jose ca)

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