Day 293:

Vitamineva was in town for a few days from New York via Seoul and needed a quick ramen fix so I had her meet me at the Ramen Street inside Tokyo Station. I initially wanted to take her to Rokurinsha…

But the two-hour wait would have made me late for work. No wonder why the original location will be closing on the 29th.

So instead we went to the least crowded shop of them all, Mutsumiya (らーめん むつみ屋). Check out Brian and Daniel’s Collabo Ramen video for more info!

Mutsumiya is from a town called Tsukigata in Hokkaido, about an hour and a half northeast of Sapporo. Vitamineva and I both ordered the Miso Ramen.

I gotta say that I’ve come to love miso ramen ever since my trip to Hokkaido and unfortunately, every miso ramen I have from now on gets compared to those amazing bowls I had in Sapporo. I hate to say this, but Mutsumiya was more like Mutsu-meh-ya.

At least I had great company! Speaking of vitamins. Kids, make sure you take them daily! I actually do take a multivitamin after every meal to compensate for, say, my lack of vegetables….haha.

In other news, it looks like we found Komuro-san’s replacement. Stay tuned for a proper introduction in the coming weeks!

6 Replies to “Multivitamins…”

  1. @eva: late or not we probably wouldn't have had time. you know, i actually like the other pic better.

    @punk: yeah, it's hard to get used to that flavor.

    @ricky: interesting.

    @la_jim: japanese people just love waiting in lines even if they don't know what it is.

    @anonymous: yeah, it looked like it was moving pretty quick while i was waiting for eva. haha.

  2. the line at rokurinsha moves A LOT faster then you would imagine. they have close to 30 seats and probably 8-10 guys working inside. They are fast. From the point where they break the line the first time it takes approximately 20 mins, even though it looks like it would be 1hr or more.

  3. Who has two hours to burn waiting for a meal?
    I need to move to Tokyo, I could use
    more leisure time.

  4. I actually have a tub of frozen leftover soup from rokurinsha's tsukemen in my freezer. I actually added green curry to it, and it was much better. The katsuoboshi in it is way too strong.

  5. ..oh god you really put up our picture..*embarassed..I'M was cuz i was late that we couldn't go to rokurinsha T_T there was a reason why it was the least crowded eh..

    hahah the kids take your vitamins and Mutsu-meh-ya part cracked me up..

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