One more goodbye…

Day 295:

Before heading out to Nate‘s going away party, I needed to say hi to gramps. It’s been weeks since I saw him last and I wanted to check in, even if it just meant stopping by for an hour.

Gramps is a mellow guy, kinda like me. But I knew he was excited to see me slide open his door. I was excited too cuz he knows just how to soothe my soul.

“Here have some kiraboshi daikon!” Don’t mind if I do.

Gramps’ gyoza is effin’ good! And he told me that he spent our whole time apart calculating the exact measurements of his recipes. I think he’s my angel.

“Do you want to know how to pickle vegetables?” Hell yes! Gramps, you rock! But I gotta run.

I gotta say one more goodbye…

To my boy Nate.

Peace homie.

Inokashira-koen is a lovely place to chill. And not to mention get feasted upon by mosquitoes.

But let’s get this party movin’!!

I took some pretty funny pics, but since I wouldn’t wanna make a fool out of anyone except myself, this will have to do.

After saying my last goodbye to Nate, I walked along the tracks and went home…

Yup, home as in Bassanova.

Wait, where am I?

Once again, Nate, good luck bro! You will be missed!

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