Day 296:

In an effort to save a little money and some time, I’ve just been eating at local joints for the past few days. Today, I went back to Daiichigen (代一元) because I was craving their moyashi soba.

Caution: This ramen is super hot! I can handle slurping some extreme heat, but this one actually burned the roof of my mouth.

Back at work I ate some Kitakata Nama Ramen, also brought back by Komuro-san’s from her hometown.

Kitakata and Shirakawa both have similar types of shoyu ramen, both of which I really like, but I must say that if I had to choose I would choose Kitakata.

The shoyu aroma is heavenly.

And the noodles hold up well for being instant.

Now say hi to Komuro-san’s little sister, Chibikiro! If you ask me, they look nothing alike. haha.

Time for some Cratz!

Time for some sleep!!

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