Bring on tha Boom!!

Day 298:

Having exhausted all the ramen shops in my neighborhood, I wound up back at Tenhou to try their kotteri shoyu ramen.

Back fat galore!

It wasn’t bad. Although it looked oily and heart-clogging, it wasn’t at all. I actually wanted more soup. But I wouldn’t want to eat this very often.

Anyway, I have some news that I’ve been greatly anticipating to share with you. Meet Boom, the newest full-time member of Bassanova!! His full name is Tokubumi, but I prefer to call him Boom (as in ‘ramen boom’). He’s a Nikkei-American, like me, and has been living in Japan for the last three years. Apparently, he’s also been a fan of my blog since before I came to Japan and says I inspired him to make the jump into the ramen world. Awesome! For the past 3 months he had been working at what was L.A. Kohryu (now Kabuki-do). Boom emailed me a few weeks ago asking for the chance to fulfill our open position and after meeting him over a bowl the other day, I was inspired too. Then soon after meeting the rest of the crew, we all agreed that Boom would make a perfect fit. So please join me in welcoming him to the Bassanova crew! Good luck Boom! 頑張りましょう!!

Soon you’ll be dreaming about the green curry on a nightly basis.

And then…the boom will be felt around the world…

3 Replies to “Bring on tha Boom!!”

  1. I think it's really neat that you inspired someone to follow their ramen journey too. We live in Seattle and are planning a trip to Japan next year. Thank you so much for your blog. Eating ramen is at the top of my list for our visit. Can't wait! Until then, I'll read about it here.

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