Day 300:

As I planned to lead 300 ramen-hungry soldiers through the battle fields of over a million or so ramen shops in Japan, I looked behind me and there was no one there. They all succumbed to the beat of a drum. Oh well, I still got you guys right?

I was stuck riding around Sasazuka at probably one of the worst times of the day. The time where all the good ramen shops close between lunch and dinner (nakajime). And as much as I didn’t want to go to Nagahama-ya (博多ラーメン 長浜や), I ended up desperately entering for a slurp.

What surprised me most as I sat down was the all Chinese staff. Not that I really cared about it (I mean I’m an American working in a Tokyo ramen shop), but it just felt…different.

I ordered the Tokusei Tsukemen and after one slurp I wanted to retreat.

Disappointment was an understatement because I didn’t really have any expectations in the first place.

The egg wasn’t even hanjuku! So to prevent further damage to my already overworked fingers, I will stop from describing this tsukemen any further.

Time for a cleanse! Ahhh..now that’s more like it.

Brian was in the house tonight and quickly became friends with these hardcore Hanshin Tigers fans just by saying, “I hate the Giants!”

Go Swallows!

3 Replies to “300…”

  1. I agree, us Chinese folks don't do ramen justice. Also, the Chinese braised hard boiled eggs are never my favorite. I hate hard egg yolks….at least you got the green curry ramen Keizo!

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