Slowing down…

Day 302:

Okay, I think I need to take it a little slow today. Needless to say, last night was again one of those nights. I needed a cure. The Chinese restaurant down the street always seems to do the trick. This time I ordered the Canton Ramen. Thank you.

Being in the lazy mood that I was, I forced myself to get into work a little early. And since I was early, I decided to make my own shoyu-dare from scratch. It was okay. Paired with the tonkotsu soup, it kinda reminded me of Wakayama-style. Hmm…I could be on to something.

Shuga then proceeded to make his signature chinjaorosu. This seriously needs to be put on the menu. It contains our menma and our chashu so it’s unlike any other chinjaorosu you’ve probably had.

Let’s get big boss on the phone…

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