Cough syrup…

Day 305:

I’ve had this nagging cough for the past few days so I went to see the doc about it. I thought he was gonna tell me to stop eating ramen again, but I guess he knew better. He just said it was a cough associated with the common cold. So after getting a few meds, I headed straight to Ryo Tan Tei to take care of my recent hiyashi chuuka craving.

It’s not your typical hiyashi chuuka but I’ll take it. After all, it’s the only hiyashi chuuka I’ve had all summer.

Back at work, Shuga’s friend brought us a gift from his recent trip to Niigata–miso ramen from Touyoko. Sweet!

Time to check it out!

Wow, this miso ramen has some POW! The thick soup is a tad too salty but its aroma is empowering.

The noodles are pretty slick too.

Anyway, I needed to get better before my Kyoto trip so I made me some wadashi-chazuke. Not surprisingly, this was awesome. Feeling sick? Come in and I’ll make you some!

Alright, time to pack up for Kyoto. If anyone has any ramen recs down there, please let me know! *cough, cough*

5 Replies to “Cough syrup…”

  1. hey – don't know if because of my earlier plea to show us what is IN the box of high class ramen in a box – but anyway, thank you for showing it!! looks good

  2. Thanks! all the recs look good. i'll have to see what my host has in store for me when i get there, but if i have time i'll try to check these out!

  3. For a must, it's 新福菜館。(しんぷくさいかん)
    There is a branch right outside Kyoto eki, my absolute fav ramen in Kansai. (next to 金竜 in 大阪なんば or maybe 四天王, but the branch I used to go to is closed down.) Ramen to knock yer socks!!!!!!

  4. I dont have any for Kyoto, other checking Ten You for tempura. If you happen to stop by Kobe, check out Danshichi for their Ebi Ramen.

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