Back to basics…

Day 309:

The last stop before Tokyo on the 7-hour bus ride was the Ebina Service Area. That’s where I snapped this great picture of the sun about to rise.

When I finally made it back, there were a few things I needed to do right away. Visit my nieces!!

And feed them with the famous Futaba manju’s I brought back with me.

Then I needed to remind myself of home.

And share a taste of Kyoto with my coworkers.

I finally got rid of my cough. But to stay safe I ate this negi-meshi-chazuke to soothe my throat.

After work, Shuga, Boom, and I had a little reunion party at Sukiya. Man, it’s been months since we’ve been here. haha.

I will miss Kyoto, but home is home and it feels good to be back.

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