A somber goodbye…

Day 310:

Today was supposed to be Komuro-san’s last full day at Bassanova, but unfortunately she sprained her knee last night and wasn’t able to work. So that left me to open the shop alone. It was a little hectic, but with the help of this bowl from Eifukucho Taishoken, I was ready. Plus, big boss was coming to town and the shop would be closing early.

After a crazy-busy last couple of hours (thanks Boom for helping out!), big boss was here and it was time to celebrate Komuro-san’s goodbye party and Boom and Chee-chan’s welcome party. Good times as always, but something just didn’t feel the same.

Anyway, the girls were gone and it was time for us boys to get celebratin’.

And then ramen!!

Hey guys, I was just joking when I said let’s go to Kashira.

But it’s all good.

The future is almost here…

One Reply to “A somber goodbye…”

  1. You should warn Komuro about making a peace sign in front of her mouth…

    or don't because it makes for a funny picture later.

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