A hub reunion…

Day 311:

A friend of ours from high school recently made the move to Japan to teach at an international school, so Darin and I decided to meet her in Shinjuku for some beers. But first, I needed to have breakfast at 7pm.

Wakatsuki’s shoyu ramen…

And gyoza…breakfast of champions.

Darin and Mihoko both ordered miso. They actually weren’t hungry and didn’t want to eat ramen, but somehow they both ended up slurping a bowl. My cravings must rub off on people. haha.

Gotta love the teuchi (手打ち) noodles.

Alright, time for some beer! Since the typhoon was gone and the sky was clear, Darin suggested we chill atop the Keio building at the Asahi Sky Beer Garden. Great idea!

But after a couple hours and a few pitchers, it was time to move on…

…to the Hub to see our friend and best waitress in the world, Chii. お疲れ!

On my way home, I stopped by the best ramen shop in the world. And then called it a night, an early night.

It was great seeing you Mihoko. Welcome to Tokyo! 頑張って!

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