The worst bowl ever?

Day 312:

Yes, it is possible. It’s possible to have a really bad bowl of ramen in Tokyo and I can only blame myself for trying such said bowl. For I had the unusual craving for a hot-and-sour ramen (酸辣湯麺) and a nearby Chinese Restaurant (that I have never been to before) had a picture of one on their window. Surprisingly, I finished the bowl. Then immediately thought I was gonna die.

So I ran to Goodwood to try and get rid of the bad taste in my mouth with a jerk chicken burger. It helped.

Then I proceeded to purify my stomach with a bowl of green curry.

And some refreshing green tea that I brought back from Kyoto.

Am I making any sence?

After work, Shuga and I were invited to hang out at Ichiryu with the new manager. It’s a long and complicated story but Ichiryu will soon become Izakaya Bose. These rotisserie chickens they serve are fantastic and remind me of cali.

Yusuke (middle), like Shuga, is a former boxer himself. I don’t think I’d want to get in the ring with either of these guys.

But perhaps I should work on my boxing pose. haha.

One Reply to “The worst bowl ever?”

  1. Have you been to a ramen shop called Edokko Ramen Mintei in 下北? I went there as it seemed to have some rabid fans and was supposed to be a good old-school Tokyo shoyu ramen place. What I got was a lot of attitude and truck stop ramen with a dishwater broth.

    I find it is surprisingly easy to get bad ramen in Tokyo, to be honest. Kansai seems to have higher average standards, probably because Kansaijin are not as shy as Kantojin about letting shopowners know when they didn't get their money's worth!

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