To those that lost their lives on this day 9 years ago…may you rest in peace.

Day 313:

Brian called and wanted to meet up for a bowl before heading to the Japanese Alps (yeah he’s one crazy adventurer). So after debating on a spot for a few minutes, I suggested we go to Kyōdō to check out the new Ivan Ramen Plus location. Plus, we could grab a bowl nearby.

Word is that it’ll be opening on the 23rd of this month with an entirely different menu. The new shop is very spacious and in a prime location. Plus, I’ll be looking forward to it!

On the opposite side of the station is Seisyomaru (つけ麺 中華そば 清勝丸), a shop that specializes in a thick 濃厚 soup. I suggested we go here because it looked good online. Plus, it was the only one open at this time.

I went with the Chuuka Soba. One peeve I noticed right away was the scarcity of soup. Plus, I’m not much of a fan of diced onions in my ramen.

The soup was alright and the fat noodles were chewy, but overall I’d have to give this bowl a minus. Plus, the moyashi just got in the way.

Brian got the miso tsukemen with the extra-fat noodles. He said it was alright. Plus, I agreed.

Back at work, I ate Boom’s first attempt at making the tondaku wadashi soba. I told him it was alright. Plus, I lied.

If I told him it was good right from the start, then he wouldn’t try harder. Plus, okay I’m getting sick of writing plus. Goodnight.

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