Back to where it began…

Day 314:

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 6 months since I left Ivan Ramen.

It seems as though lots have changed.

But yet it’s still all the same. I still like the shoyu the best.

It was great seeing everyone again. I even got a chance to talk with Ivan and get the scoop on his new shop. The menu sounds very interesting and exciting. But I won’t be giving it away. You’ll have to wait until the 23rd. Good luck guys!

Wasshoi! Wasshoi!

Sunday’s have suddenly become Bassanova’s busiest day. We actually had a line form before we opened. It’s great, but I still think we should try and open for lunch on the weekends. Don’t you?

I don’t think I eat too much ramen. haha.

5 Replies to “Back to where it began…”

  1. I think you should open for lunch on weekends.
    I believe I remarked elsewhere on this blog that since Bassanova was not open at that particular time of day on Saturday 3 April, I wound up at Ivan Ramen instead.

  2. Lunch on weekends seems like a no-brainer to me. Not that I would show up, being thousands of miles away.

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