Finding cover…

Day 316:

As I walked out of my gym, I got caught in another downpour. So without an umbrella, what was I supposed to do? Find cover in a ramen shop, of course. The lucky winner was Ramen Fukutoku (拉麺 福徳 笹塚店). And the loser was me.

I ordered the クロ (black) ramen which is a fishy tonkotsu shoyu blend. It was very oily. And there’s something about cold chashu on top of ramen that’s just wrong.

The egg was good.

And at least I got a free pudding.

Later, I went over to my bro’s house to hang out and eat some grilled chicken.

Speaking of grilled chicken, doesn’t this sound good?

Today was my day off and yet again I found myself going into work. haha. My bro’s friend who also turned out to be Darin’s friend wanted to try the magical green curry. He was shocked how good it was.

I just ate the wadashi. Then walked home in the rain.

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