Sweet torture…

Day 317:

I do my best to stay away from Jiro-kei (Jiro style) ramen, but sometimes you just gotta have one. Toritofuji (鶏とふじ) near Shin-Koenji station makes a good copy, or so I’ve heard. Some think this style is stupidity in a bowl, but the ramen dork in me likes to call it sweet torture. (4eva!)

Piled high with vegetables and topped with a handful of garlic, not to mention the fat slab of pork resting against it, this ramen is a beast. And for only 650yen + 100yen for the egg, that is sweet! A bowl like this always takes a minute or two to figure out a plan of attack. I usually just eat a tunnel through one side until I can reach some noodle. Then let it all collapse and start over again.

The soup is tasty and the noodles are definitely fat. I was struggling at this point but still wanted more.

It was torturous. I finished all the noodles but this is where I had to stop. The seabura was telling me no more. Surprisingly, I didn’t get sick after eating this bowl. And it didn’t feel too heavy on my bike ride home.

Back at basa, I ate our tondaku soba. Most people say that we have the best tonkotsu soup on this stretch of Kannana. No argument here.

Today’s tasted extra smooth and creamy.

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