Day 320:

I often wake up, sit in front of my computer and draw a blank. There are so many ramen shops to try and so little time to do so. But today was a bit different. I turned on my computer and discovered a new shop near my house that I’ve never been to nor seen before. What used to be a blank on the ramendb map suddenly had a star. Chuuka Soba Ranchu (中華蕎麦 蘭鋳) apparently opened back in July and has been under the radar ever since. But a bowl was calling my name. So, like Blankman, I packed my electric chopsticks, activated my jet powered roller blades, and clumsily went searching for said ramen shop.

Surprised by how close the shop actually was, I walked in and ordered the Tokusei Soba. It’s basically the ramen with everything on it. Two large pieces of juicy chashu, several sticks of menma, and an egg that leaves your mind blank.

The noodles are from the ever-impressive Mikawaya Seimen, which match well with this fish-based-chicken-and-pork-blend soup.

Wait, now I can’t remember what I was gonna say.


Have I told you that I love my job? There’s nothing blank about that!

It’s times like these that make it even more fun. Shuga forgot to tighten the cap on the sesame seeds bottle and when Boom went to sprinkle some on a niku meshi….well you get the idea.

Now that deserves a blank stare. Hahahaha.

4 Replies to “Blankness…”

  1. I thought the last dish was some new recipe Keizo was concocting before I read what really happened.

  2. does that mean you're coming back to japan? you weren't giving me much to work with. haha. next time i'll think of my own title. 😛

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