Day 323:

They say things happen for a reason. But does that mean you don’t need a reason for something to happen? I have no idea what I am saying right now so let’s just move on. Big boss called and wanted us to deposit money in the bank a little earlier than normal so Shuga and I miraculously met up before noon. And since I was up and in the neighborhood, I decided to go back to Soul Men to try their Tori Paitan Paiko Ramen. This time I chose to get it in shoyu form with their regular thin noodles.

I must say, the thin noodles were pretty impressive but they better be if they call themselves a factory, right? The shoyu wasn’t as good as the shio though, but the paiko (normally fried pork but fried chicken in this case) was outstanding.

Hmm…so how shall I continue? A tv program came into Bassanova to tape part of their show today. I can’t name the show or the network, but this could be huge for us.

I would like nothing more than to see my favorite ramen shop in Tokyo get full exposure.

When it was all over, I tried to get a picture with the crew but was denied. Haha it’s cool. But the cameraman was more than willing to make an appearance on my blog. Sudou-san ありがとう!

And then…later on another tv program made an appearance. The comedian that came was hilarious. Apparently he had eaten at five ramen shops before ours and said our chashu was the best. Awesome!


5 Replies to “Exposure…”

  1. @Dennis: if i hear any details i'll let u know.

    @Eva: lala

    @Bryan: yes he does. it was great.

    @momi: thank you so much. u guys are welcome back anytime. can't wait to see the final product. good luck!

  2. We're sorry that we couldn't have you show what we were filming. Good pictures anyway! All the ramen looks good!__momi

  3. Hey looks like that Amuro comedian dude. Anyway super cool. Unless it's a very local network I bet I'll come across it with the amount of terebi I watch.. Good luck!

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