More exposure…

Day 326:

I usually wake up around noon, but today I was so exhausted I slept in until it was time to go to work. So for breakfast I stopped to have some Mabo Ramen. Yum.

The tv crew was back to film some more today. They filmed me making a bowl of green curry and it was a little nerve-racking, but fun nonetheless. I’m sure it won’t make the final cut but I can’t wait to see it.

Yamamoto-san came in last night and dropped off some miso-dare from Nagoya so we tried it on some gyoza. Wow, that is some good miso-dare. Thanks Yamamoto-san!!

And then…around 2am these customers that are notorious for staying past closing came in and stayed until 4am. That’s okay cuz they’re cool and they always end up buying us beer. haha.

2 Replies to “More exposure…”

  1. wow, you guys stay open in till 4am partying?
    Bassa rules!
    Keizo, would you mind explaining a little how
    the Ramen ticket machine works.
    Thanks, and keep living the dream!
    btw.. check out these guys to get your bike fixed.

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