Day 327:

I often wish I had more time (I’m sure we all feel that way sometimes), but I guess what I should be wishing for is a way to manage all the things I want to do in the time available. I guess that would be more realistic. Whatever, I wish I had more time.

Yeah, I went back to Ramen Nakamura just cuz it’s one of the local shops that I haven’t been to in awhile. The shoyu moyashi ramen is less exciting than the miso moyashi. The noodles are thinner and the taste is blander. You learn a lot by going back to a ramen shop multiple times.

I went into work a little early today to take some pictures for gnavi. One of the shots they wanted was of our counter. It doesn’t look like a ramen shop, does it?

Then I went to go prepare some eggs and discovered half the box was broken. It must have been the new delivery guy.

Then I started to play around again with the miso-dare that Yamamoto-san brought. Miso-dare niku meshi!!

Miso-dare mazemen! Yup, that’s a fried egg on top. This one was seriously a hit.

Yo bro, I gotta make this one for you.

I was still dreaming about when I got home.

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