Plus one more…

Day 328:

I went back to the new Ivan Ramen Plus to try the last bowl on the menu and to say goodbye to Yamamoto-san before he left to go back to Nagoya. Ivan was hard at work and I was starving.

I started off by ordering my own Meatball Tomato Meshi. I really like this dish. In fact, it may be my most favorite item on the menu. Hey Ivan, any chance we’ll see a meatball tomato ramen in the near future?

The last bowl I needed to try was the Special Soymilk & Vege Tsukemen.

It’s elegant appearance was appeasing.

And the noodles were almost right on.

The tsukedare was different than what I or you would probably be used to, but it’s freshness really shined.

I was satisfied.

But it was time to boil some pork!


How I love thee…

3 Replies to “Plus one more…”

  1. The pleasure was all mine! I look forward to gathering more information from your blog and pursing another ramen tour in Tokyo. Bassanova will of course be my first and last stop!

  2. I did not realize Ivan Plus had side items like the Meatball Tomato Meshi until reading your posts after our visit. I was too excited to hand over a ticket for the Special Ramen that I failed to read the other items on the ticket machine haha. Just another reason to do another trip to Japan. Too many Ramen shops to try!

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