And then…

Day 329:

My allergies were acting up so I put my head down as I waited for my ramen at Onya.

And then it came. The bloody ramen tasted much better with hosomen.

And then I ordered a chashu-don. Where’s the chashu??

And then I visited my nieces.

And then I ate this pizza-man from 7-Eleven.

And then I ate some green curry soba.

And then watched Shuga eat this tori-tama-miso-dare meshi.

And then watched Shuga make some chinjaorosu.

And then ate some chinjaorosu with noodles.

And then…no more ‘and then!’

4 Replies to “And then…”

  1. i see what you did there…
    but seriously, that chinjaorosu looks amazing.

  2. That chashu in the “bloody” bowl looks interesting. It looks like they wraped pork belly around a tenderloin.

  3. I regret not trying one of Shuga's creations when I stopped in last week! The green curry soba looks delicious, but then again, I would enjoy all your creations haha

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