Instant evolution…

Day 330:

Of all the ramen I eat, I’d probably say that less than 1% is of the instant variety. But that doesn’t stop me from buying them when I come across a new one every so often at the convenient store. In fact, over the past 11 months I’ve started to develop a nice emergency stash of them. Anyhow, it was pouring rain outside when I woke up and my body wasn’t willing to move outside of my apt until it was time for work. So, I reached into said stash and pulled out Minoru Sano’s new miso ramen. It just came out a couple weeks ago.

I mean, anything with the ramen devil’s face on it has to be good right?

Well…it does and it did and it was delicious. It’s amazing to see how far instant ramen has evolved since I was a kid.

Even the noodles were stellar.

When I finally did make it to work, what I thought was just ice in our package of lemongrass turned out to be dry ice. I only realized this after picking it up and nearly burning my fingers. haha. Anyway, I love playing with dry ice.

And I love eating ramen.

As if you didn’t know already…

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