Jerk it…

Day 332:

GOOD WOOD on a rainy day is like…nevermind. Haha. Anyway, Shuga and I had some time to kill before work so with the rain beginning to fall we decided to go say wassup to Kenta at GOOD WOOD C.R.E.A.M.

Kenta makes some of the best jerk chicken curry in Tokyo. Trust me. The jerk chicken is that good! Hmm…perhaps a GOOD WOOD/Bassanova collabo could happen in the near future…

I mean…the green curry ramen topped with jerk chicken could be magical. Right?

Anyway, Kenta and his reggae/hip-hop crew host a party at Club Bed every first Sunday of the month. Check it out this Sunday if you can!

Meanwhile at Bassanova, Boom showed off his mini-wonton wrapping skills. Hahaha.

And Shuga and Chee-chan were…well…yeah.

And I was just enjoying my umeboshi’s (pickled plums).

グリーンカレージャークそば。That has a nice ring to it…

2 Replies to “Jerk it…”

  1. haha thanks! dang so quick to post a comment. were u like waiting or something? haha. i'll tell u the fillings some other time. perhaps when i need to pay off my debt.

  2. yay for an update 🙂 best title and opening line ever. nearly peed my pants laughing. =X what filling was inside the wonton?

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