One family…

Day 333:

Finally, a day off. The perfect morning to go see how gramps is doing. You gotta love his outfits.

Gramps was his usual quiet, jolly self. He made me some chahan.

And ramen. He’s so cool.

A day off is never the same without hanging with my nieces. They were getting excited because their real gramps would be arriving soon.

Welcome to Tokyo dad! As you can see my bro is in shock.

And welcome to Bassanova!

Boom, ganbatte!

Michael McAteer and my new director-friend momi-san joined us a little later on. The crazy thing is, I was just watching Michael on tv at home and now he’s here. haha. What a great night!

One dream, one family. Thanks for being a part of it. Someday we’ll all be together again…

2 Replies to “One family…”

  1. Thank you Ernest and nice meeting Michael & Momi san. It was a nice visit to Bosa for my first night in Tokyo. Momi san you looks great without make up,,,Dad

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