Day 339:

You might find this hard to believe (or you may not), but I’m not really craving anything besides ramen. Sure I had a delicious in-n-out burger last night, but I honestly could have gone without it. And yes some bbq sounded really good, but the bottom line is…it’s not ramen.

Anyway, I had a ramen date with mom that I needed to prepare for. I wanted to take her up to the south bay, but being that she moved hella far south we just ended up going to one of our old hang outs near where I grew up. You’ve probably read my rants about Kohryu before. Anyway, I’ll try to keep it civil this time.

Or not. The gyoza was still pretty good. It’s probably the only thing that’s remained even remotely consistent over the years.

The shoyu ramen; however, is an animal that has the ability to evolve and devolve. Probably without even knowing it.

It has changed a lot over the years, as has Kohryu’s ownership, and with the slightly new decor, redesigned menus, and of course a change in flavor, one may wonder if the ownership has changed yet again. I think my mom said it best when she said “中華三昧の方が美味しい” (hahaha gotta love mom).

I ordered the Koi Ramen. It definitely looked and tasted different from what I remember. Oh well, moving on.

Then it was time to chill at this place.

And watch this movie. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the theaters, but I wanted to catch at least one while I was here. I thought this movie was great, but it makes me want to read the book to see what was left out.

Afterwards, a midnight Del Taco run!

I miss Bassanova…

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