Day 341:

As the beauty of the day shined upon me, I felt inspired.

Breakfast was key.

And lunch was not a waste.

I was back at Mottainai in Gardena to meet up with a few friends and to try the Tokyo Props Shoyu ramen.

Not bad.

But the white bomb really made it explode.

The seabura and garlic impressively enhanced the typical shoyu flavor.

From left to right: Bryan, Michael, Me, and Nobu-san. Big props to y’all!

By the way, Michael just launched a new company that provides a group text messaging app for all phones. Fast Society is really cool. You ought to check it out!

After lunch I met up with two of the coolest people to ever work in the restaurant business, Chef Jay Terauchi and Jeff Nitta. Thank you for the inspiration and advice!

Now it was time to chill with some of my best friends. Mr. Beer and Ms. Sangria.

My friend Rob and his wife took me out to La Grande Orange in Pasadena for dinner. Rob had what I should have got. The ribeye tacos.

I got the ‘famous’ short ribs. Apparently the fried egg on top is what makes this ‘famous.’ Without the egg, it’s just a nobody, I guess. Remember kids, sometimes a fried egg is all it takes…

After dinner it was off to T. Boyles Tavern for some live music and beer.

These are my very good friends Rob and Tu.

We are close…literally and figuratively. haha.

I’m not sure who this girl is but she wanted to take a picture…haha jk Suria. Thanks for stopping by!

And for taking me to the taco truck.

Taco truck!!

Okay, I think I’m ready to go back to Tokyo now… But first, I need to do what I came here to do. Do I hear wedding bells?

3 Replies to “Inspired…”

  1. T. Boyles is in the space that used to be occupied by Toe's Tavern Back in the day. I went to many a Punk show there. Still looks pretty much the same from your pix. I need to go check it out.

  2. really sad i didn't get to meet up with you at mottainai…:( but, it sounds as if you had a good time eating/catching up!

    i still don't understand how i can just eat, come to your blog, and become hungry again. i blame you. heh.

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