All business…

Day 343:

This is really strange. So I woke up, packed up my suitcases and left for the airport. And when I got to the counter expecting to pay for my overweight luggage, the lady says “oh no you don’t have to pay extra, you’ve been upgraded to prestige class.” ……I was speechless. Okay…so maybe I am the luckiest person in the world?

Seriously. Someone needs to pinch me. And then educate me on how to use this thing.

I’m so spoiled…

Are you kidding me? This has got to be a dream…

Ahh…Tokyo….my home.

Thanks to all my friends (old and new) for taking the time to meet up with me in LA. You really made this trip special. Even if we didn’t meet, your phone calls were worth millions. If only I had more time…

4 Replies to “All business…”

  1. hahaha. i knew that was coming. honestly, i fell asleep in my comfy ass seat and missed it. but i asked them what it was and it was just a korean cup ramen. haha.

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