Back to work…

Day 345:

Believe it or not…I missed working…at the best ramen shop in Tokyo. I missed the hard work and long hours. I missed my coworkers. I missed the customers. I missed the prep. I missed the ramen. And most importantly, I missed just being here.

It was time to get reacquainted again.

Ah yes, I love this place.

On my way home I stopped by the conbini to pick up Ishiyama’s new ramen mag. Next year’s trend?: Beef!!

Hahaha, these guys crack me up…

3 Replies to “Back to work…”

  1. The beef in that picture is TOO LEAN! If you're going to use beef use plate or rib-eye, or any cut of Wagyu, something nice and fatty. That's what makes pork belly so good!

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