Hectic harmony…

Day 347:

To say this day was hectic may be an understatement, but the harmonious reflections that rule this world only help to capture its melody. I woke up late again and barely made it to Daiichigen before they closed. Hectic, but I made it.

For the moyashi soba was calling my name. And since I wasn’t in the mood to go very far, harmony was just down the street.

Then when I arrived at work, I realized I forgot to bring my socks. No worries, I got this cool pair across the street. haha.

Anyway, today was probably one of the busiest Friday’s on record. For about four hours nonstop, customers kept coming in and in and in and even lined up outside our door. Hectic to say the least. But after the huge wave, I came up with a new creation.

A burnt-garlic infused shoyu-tonkotsu ramen. An almost perfect harmony…

Corn dog anyone?

Sometimes the random music just plays for itself…

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