Waking up…

Day 348:

It’s been a pretty educational few days. I’m starting to see things from a different perspective that most people rarely get to see. Of course, I’m only referring to the world of ramen. Someday, I will share it all with you…and we, together, will wake up the world. I promise…

I woke up late yet again and because of that I didn’t get to go the original place I wanted to go to. Instead, I wound up at this new ramen shop, Momiji-ya (もみじ屋), by my apartment that specializes in Jiro-kei ramen.

Of course, it wasn’t as good as Jiro, but it’s hard to really ignore its intentions.

The noodles may have been the highlight, but the pure volume (as always) overshadowed the rest of the bowl.

Back at work, I was craving the Tom Yum Soba. Please forgive me for taking pics of the same ramen over and over again. But doesn’t it just look so good?

Yeah, it was another hectic day at Bassanova. But the end of the day is always the best part of the day.

Don’t you agree?

4 Replies to “Waking up…”

  1. that was a really good picture of the char siu in the tom yum..i wanna get that next time too. the end is the best time of the day..though we probably have different reasons why. hahah =)

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