Ask again later…

Day 349:

I heard…that Kurai-san would be graduating from Ivan Ramen soon. So I went to pay him a visit. Well, it’s true. And where will he be going? (Please refer to post title.)

This gave me an excuse to eat Ivan’s goma chili tsukemen again. Did I miss it? (Please refer to post title.)

Okay, so I missed it. But was I satisfied? (Please refer to post title.)

With a blessing from Big Boss to create new menu items at Bassanova, I experimented with my recent love of natto and created this natto miso-dare abura soba (basically a ramen without soup). Will it soon be on the menu? (Please refer to post title.)

Now let me introduce you to Karoro, the newest part-time member of the Bassanova family. As you can see from the pic below, Shuga is very happy to have him on board. Will young Karoro survive? (Please refer to post title.)

Oh yeah!! Noodle WORLD 2010! What is this? (Please refer to post title.)

Is it just me or does this magic 8-ball suck? (Please refer to post title.)

2 Replies to “Ask again later…”

  1. Noodle World 2010? Sounds like it will be a great event ^_^

    I will have to have you guide me into the world of natto… don't think I've ever had it but if you love it then I must try it =D

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