Day 350:

I woke up with a craving for wontons again. So I went back to the shop that has influenced many: Tan Tan Tei (たんたん停). Have I ever told you about shinasoba? Well, shinasoba basically means Chinese soba, similar to chuuka soba, but ramen shops that have shinasoba in their name or written on the menu usually specialize in ramen with wontons.

As I’ve eaten at many of Tan Tan Tei’s disciples shops, the wontons may have improved, but this is still the place with the best soup.

And the best noodles.

Wonton craving satisfied!

Back at basa, I enjoyed an improvised wadashi with some crinkled futo-men.

Perhaps it’s time to start seriously working on a glossary…

4 Replies to “Shinasoba…”

  1. Ya got to put it down to the pale pink dumpling and the egg bobbing around in there…

    I'd be truly interested to know what condiments are on offer at the ramen-ya you drop into…

  2. A more complete glossary would be helpful to me for one. The glossry you have linked was helpful to me when I first started reading your blog and learning about ramen, but it is pretty limited. Context clues and occaisonal google searches have helped me keep up with you, but sometimes I'm puzzled.

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