Cheese wasabi ramen…

Day 353:

As I was researching where to go eat ramen for lunch, I got an email from my director friend momi saying she was craving ramen and wanted to meet up. Perfect timing! And since she was already in Shimokitazawa, wanting shio ramen, I knew just where to take her. Although I’m not very fond of Yajirushi (やじるし) and its owner, he does make a pretty good shio.

But something new on the menu caught my eye….Cheese Wasabi Ramen (チーズわさびらーめん).

So I decided to get the shoyu version. Interesting to say the least…

I actually enjoyed it. The cheese created a subtle creaminess and the wasabi came in the form of a scintillating pinch.

It made me want to add it to our tondaku soba…but I didn’t.

Shout out to Jaimie, Rebecca, Calvin, and Jordan for stopping by today. UC represent!

3 Replies to “Cheese wasabi ramen…”

  1. @Calvin: not a problem! i didn't know you had a blog. hope u don't mind that i linked to it.

    @NYC Ramen Addict: keep up the blog!!

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