Hide and seek…from Tokyo to New York…

Day 354:

Remember when Yamashita-san from Yamachan visited Bassanova? Well, at that time he had told me to go visit Ramen Hide (ラーメン屋 秀) aka Hide-chan ramen because he was working with them to open a shop in New York. Well, the New York shop has been open for a few months now and apparently it’s been getting a lot of hype.

So today, I decided to meet my bro for lunch since his office was nearby.

Bro got the Aburi Torotama Chashu Men. I’ll let him tell you what he thought in the comments.

I got the Hakata Dontaku Mori, basically their ramen with everything on it.

I liked it, but it was very heavy. The soup was actually lacking a little flavor too. The noodles weren’t bad.

As I’m sure my bro will explain, the torotama wasn’t very torotama. haha.

Back at basa we decided to make use of the yakiniku tare we got from the Ichiryu boss.

Holy namabaranikuwoyakibaniyaitachashu that was good! Anyway…

You guys are in for a treat! This is my first ever collabo post. My good friend Eva aka vitamineva went to go check out the new Hide-chan ramen in New York today and this is what she writes:

The ramen was pretty good, though I don’t think it deserves the title of best ramen in NYC. The tonkotsu is very rich, almost creamy.

The noodles were cooked al dente and the ramen was perfectly seasoned. I really liked the green onions as it cut through the richness of the broth and added some freshness. The cha siu didn’t particularly wow me and I actually ended up adding the pickled ginger to the dish because I felt like the ramen lacked a little something. I kind of wish I didn’t order the egg because it wasn’t all that great. Overall it was good but I wasn’t that impressed with it. I kept drinking the broth though because it was really good.

The Spicy Hakata Ramen was pretty disappointing. My friends who ordered it weren’t very impressed with the dish. One said that it wasn’t worth the $10. All they did was add chili oil to the tonkotsu and it kind of overpowered the tonkotsu broth. The taste reminded me of the cheap ramen I used to get in Korea. One friend pointed out that the broth tasted like the instant Korean ramen he eats.

Haha thanks Eva! You are a lot harsher than I am. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get to try the New York Hide-chan someday too.

7 Replies to “Hide and seek…from Tokyo to New York…”

  1. @Justin: how ya been?

    @Quan: almost? i would have definitely made Eva eat it! haha. yes please explore. u and Eva can be my ramen tour guides if i ever make it to ny.

    @Ting: Thank you! We'll be waiting for you!!

    @MRatito: you mean you don't know what that means?

    @Big Bro: why u holding back? tell them how u really feel! haha.

    @Ricky: Great point!!! Note taken.

  2. Too many kyushu people living in NYC opening up tonkotsu places. I think we need more balance here. Theres no decent tokyo style shoyu place here. The only good shio place here is a sushiya that serves limited bowls on wednesday.

  3. I live in NYC and am a ramen lover. My friend and I went to the NYC Hide-Chan and we were not impressed either. Its cousin, Totto Ramen, however, was quite delicious. I actually like it more than Ippudo.

    Keizo – I've been enjoying reading your blog a lot and I hope one day I'll make it to Bassanova for a visit…or two!

  4. Yeah, it was tough to break the power Ippudo has over me. That hard-boiled egg was no joke! I almost considered making Eva eat mine :X.

    Would I return? Sure. Will I have a craving for Hide-chan in particular? Doubt it.

    But there are plenty of other ramen shops in NYC to explore!

  5. It is tough to displace the NYC branch of Ippudo, but ramen shops have been opening up all over the city. I noticed two new ones in the Park Slope neighborhood when I last visited Lukas in Brooklyn. Totto Ramen and Setagaya are fairly good, but still a long way from Tokyo.

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