No competition…

Day 356:

With the rain starting to fall, I was running out of time before work and decided to just hop into our nearby competitor Kyushu Ichiban (九州一番).

All of our customers say that Bassanova has the best tonkotsu ramen on the block.

I couldn’t agree more. Ichiban’s ramen has a stink to it like no other. And it’s not the good stink either.

Back at work I tried one of the noodle samples we got from the expo. Unsure of how long to cook it, two minutes sounded about right. They were alright, but they tasted a little too instant.

Negi meshi!

The Tokyo Ramen Show is coming!! From 11/3~11/7, 10am~8pm at Komazawa Olympic Park. Coincidentally 11/3 will mark my 365th day in Tokyo. Won’t you come celebrate with me???!!!

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