Reckless stamina…

Day 357:

I finally had a day off to just relax. I tried going to the gym, but they were closed. So naturally I went to go eat ramen instead. Gamushara (我武者羅) in Hatagaya caught my eye while I was doing research this morning so I decided to check it out.

Gamushara actually shares this space with two other ramen shops (Yahiko and Dokkan) operating at different hours, presumably owned by the same people.

What caught my eye about Gamushara was the dark shoyu coloring.

I mean, doesn’t it look beautiful?

It’s strong saltiness is smoothed out by the ginger and spinach. The thinly sliced chashu was tender and moist and if I ever go back I’ll probably order the chashu men. The noodles made the bowl proud.

I’m confused. Did I just eat Gamushara or Dokkan? Haha. Either they don’t expect you to see the bottom of the bowl or they used the wrong one.

Then as I was getting ready to catch up on posts, I got a call from Boom saying that my friends had come into basa. After learning that it was my good friend Shin from LA and his girl Kurumi, I rushed over in a flash. Shin is also living his dream, in Utsunomiya. 頑張れ!

On my way home I set out to find the new Nanstuttei in Shimokitazawa but somehow got confused on its location and ended up at Chabuton (とんこつらぁ麺 CHABUTON).

You’ve been to Chabuya in LA right? Same owner, different flavor.

Yes, the Japan version tastes so much better.

As I was riding my bike back along the same street I used to get here, I found the new Stamina Tanmen Nantsutteii. I don’t know how I missed it. Anyway, I stood in front for about 30 seconds contemplating whether I should go in or not. My stomach was saying no, but my reckless ramen mind was in full control.

So there you have it. Two bowls in 20 minutes. Just another day in the life…

Not bad, but I prefer Nantsuttei’s original. Speaking of which, Nantsuttei will also be featured in Mitsuwa’s Umaimono Gourmet Fair this weekend and next weekend at both the Torrance and New Jersey stores, respectively.

Dang I’m so full…

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