Sweet kakuni boots…

Day 357:

I woke up today in need of some boots. Ha..just kidding. (I’m not sure where that thought came from.) Anyway, I needed to stop by the home store to buy some things for Bassanova and within that store is the not-so-special ramen shop that has great kakuni.

Like I said, the kakuni is great! But everything else tastes like boots…

Dinner time…

I had some cool visitors today. Not only did big boss stop by to say hello, but Calvin and Jordan brought in some more of their UC friends, Conner and Richard. Big Country Conner ended up eating 600 grams of noodles with his green curry. Impressive! Later in the night, Mizutani-san came in with her brother to try Bassanova. I love it when people follow through on their promises!

The ride home was sooo cold that I needed something to warm me up fast. Seriously, it felt like it was gonna snow.

I never knew there was chicken in this soup!” I used to love that commercial.

Now where did I put those boots?

5 Replies to “Sweet kakuni boots…”

  1. @Eva: did what? 😉

    @Jay: indeed!

    @Anonymous: Well i think the basic flavors are the same but japan has a lot more variety. yup, u won't find grilled chicken in the states. maybe someday.

  2. Is the cup a noodles in japan the same as in the United States? I think the cup a noodle in japan is better, for one thing there's no grill chicken and if there was, it would just be grill chicken flavor. thanks keizo.

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