To the brim…

Day 360:

Today was officially the last day of Ichiryu. It will soon become a yakiniku shop, I think. Their boss stopped by to give us a bunch of goodies, including this rotisserie chicken. I always had a bad impression of him, but over the past couple of months he really proved to be a pretty stand up guy. I’m pretty sure we’ll keep in touch.

Anyway, I shredded the rotisserie chicken and topped it along with some roasted potatoes onto the green curry. Can you say &*#^@ %$? Wow, that was incredible!

I really liked this shot so I decided to take a picture of it. Now imagine carrying this extremely hot pot of soup filled to the brim.

Recently we’ve been getting a lot of requests for a garlic version of our Tondaku Wadashi Soba so I experimented with one. Honestly, I liked it better than the Tondaku Garlic Soba that’s already on the menu. I think an addition needs to be made. But I need a second opinion. Please come in and try!

Alright I’m full. Now let’s go prepare for this typhoon that’s coming…

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