Knock knock…

Day 361:

Who’s there? With an unexpected knock on my door waking me up from a deep sleep, I was about to go kick some salesman’s a**. But wait, it’s the mailman…with a package? Yes! Peanut butter m&m’s and cinnamon toast crunch!!! Pepper, you rock!!

The typhoon was in full force. So with a useless umbrella in hand, I headed back to Menya Tenhou to try their Niboshi Ramen.

Not bad. I actually like it better than their regular tonkotsu.

The manager recognized me again and this time he hooked me up with some free dessert! Sweet!

It was a good day. The rain even stopped by the time we got off work.

Know any good knock-knock jokes?

One Reply to “Knock knock…”

  1. I once told a really corny knock knock joke to my 9 year old student and he patted me on the head to make me feel better…lol

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