Bassaween 2010…

Day 362:

Happy Halloween! Ahh…the perfect season for pumpkin ramen?? Just kidding. That’s a miso ramen that just looks like pumpkin. Anyway, you better get prepared to be spooked! Cuz Bassanova has been overtaken by a special all girl staff!!

Welcome! (Do you get it?)

Normal people don’t celebrate Halloween in Japan, but this is not your normal ramen shop and these girls are definitely not normal either. haha.

Cinnamon Shuga and Kei-chan were pretty cute…

But Boombilocks quickly stole the show.

Just look at the graceful way she eats. Now that’s a real woman.

Woah! Now THAT’S a real woman! Did I not warn you?

Mari Mokkori Macduckston made an appearance and his mokkori could not be resisted.

And Kei-chan’s twin sister momi-chan came in to hang out with Boombilocks. They are bff’s.

Bassanova is the best ramen shop in the world!!! Period!! No other shop loves what we do and cares about what we do while having fun doing it.

Don’t you agree?

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